Subperb beauty of ‘Still and Calm’ sea current

Amongst the top ten resort to the far north island in New Zealand is Paihia. Having heard about it many times, someone could not believe it is such stunning! Many people who have been to Paihia often reckon that it is a must-see spot in the road trip to the far north. They boast the … More Subperb beauty of ‘Still and Calm’ sea current

Memories on ‘Waitangi day’

One of the remarkable public holidays in New Zealand is ‘Waitangi day’. It is held annually on February 6 at Waitangi Treaty Ground by the New Zealanders, the Maori and Kiwi people. Taking a road trip to the destination, one will inevitably spot the centre of charming towns of Paihia and Whangarei attractions. To chill … More Memories on ‘Waitangi day’

Addressing the problem of the world’s poverty

Topic: It is often thought that the best means of addressing the problem of world poverty is to increase the amount of financial aid given to developing countries. To what extent do you agree with this point of view? Response: People have different beliefs on strategies to solve the problems of poor nations. While it … More Addressing the problem of the world’s poverty

Another great news!

What is more, I am also glad to find out the picture of my team during the field work in Cambodia has been posted on front page of my school’s Pamphlet. It reminds me and all my team members the good souvenir and inspire us more to contribute more good fruitful work on and on… … More Another great news!