What do fish represent for/value in Japanese culture?

What do fish represent for/value in Japanese culture as well as in their daily life diet? Let’s check this out…


By looking into this nice shot of photo you will say what the lovely flying symbol of fish. Of course, this will remind you of the scene in Japanese cities, provinces as well in various parts of the country, where a great value in fish is strongly embraced in Japanese culture. As a result, this leads to the existence of national holiday in Japan, which is called the Children’s day. Of course, this seems simple because the name of the holiday is similar to the international holiday you frequently heard. However, in Japan it is more impressive and meaningful for its content description. Thus, the holiday is divided into two times—one is girl’s holiday and another is boy’s holiday. It is on the 3rd and the 4th of May. The welcome or celebration to the festival is simply reminded to all the citizens by tying fish (garment fish) up to the pole in various areas such as parks, shops, homes, and especially, in the shrine and jingle. The bigger fish usually represent to boys and the smaller ones for girls. The explanation to this belief and celebration is simple, for the fish represent good health to the children. As fish are so healthy for Japanese people’s daily life nutrition, they place such high value on fish, and they value fish as the good strength that make them stay healthy and longevity. This belief lasted since centuries ago and still in great popular so far and likely to stay in their belief forever. Japanese people believe as a unique culture in fish value, Through this sense, you will remember that Japanese prefer eating raw fish and sea life, such as octopus and shrimp so forth. Those kinds of dishes are very expensive too in Japan, O sashimi, for example. I already ate those foods, and Imagehahah.. very delicious and, most of all, it provides a lot of energy for the whole day. 😛  You should not miss trying it if you have chance going to a Japanese restaurant or visiting Japan. They are not as bad as you expected. And, to some extend you will start to like Japanese food sometimes, even it is very expensive. Hahah…

Since this , I fell like to have a wife in Japan, a Japanese wife, or a wife coming to learn in Japan, or so on.  Hahhh Not so sure yet cos will depend on the luck too 😀 

Life is full of choice, right? Lolzz…


7 thoughts on “What do fish represent for/value in Japanese culture?

  1. Vuthy, I also felt like that before bacause there are small and big fish, but when I asked the Japanese host family that I stay during the golden week, ‘why do Japanese put flag fish during children’s days in many places, especially in the pagoda?’. You know they told me that because the fish are happiness for them; they are healthy because they eat fish, and small fish or big fish all represent the fish that Japanese people need as the main healthy diet… Thanks for your comment, anyway… 😀

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