Lovely souvenir view from KIRA Chou plantation


Here is another fruit plantation. of course it is the TAKHI before getting fully grown up. It needs to be farefull grown and after it grown up people can get its fruit many years by. Thank you Yuki and Noriaki for joing to take a nice and love ly photo with me! 😀


I also took a nice shot in the middle of the TAKHI plantation for souvernir with Yuki. Plus, there is a nice view of mountain behind the plantation too. Of course, I was still carrying Yuki’s bag for she was busy carrying her lovely puppy. 😀


Wow… look at this! This is another lovely shot in the big plantation of Oto san`s friend (Yuki’s father’s friend). These are the famous fruit-eating tree in
Japan too, called Takhe. Its season is coming as soon in October this year. I have to eat them a lot too because It is rare to have such a nice chance eating fruit here. hahahaha


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