Surprised at KIRA Chou Angkor Wat museum

Nice views at the entrance to the Angkor Wat temple museum in Kira Chou, Nagoya, Japan.



Don’t you believe that we have Angkor Wat in Japan? Let’s read this… hehehe.. Actually, this is not aiming to show a young guy with handsome body and lovely smile, but just to target those statues at the back, specifically, the two lions, and the Brahma faces. Hahahh… This is the entrance of a national park and museum in the mountain side in Kota-chou, one lovely town in Aichi Prefecture in Japan. Those statues are made of cement and modeled to those that exist in Siem Reap, Cambodia, which one on the right-hand side is male lion and another on the left-hand side is female. At first, I was so surprise and unbelievable to see these statues here. This made me start to feel that Japan has a long connection in history with Cambodia, in terms of sharing architecture style and of course, religion. Then walking into the museum park, I start to see more statues built very close model to those in Cambodia. Of course, I can’t wait to take some photograph, since it is one of my interests. Lolzz… Since the park is quite large, I walk in from the entrance with my Japanese host family, and of course, I had to feed my eyes with many nice views along the way and exercised myself under the cool, but not hot sunny day too.. Ha… Finally, we managed to relax in an awesome half-European-Japanese style restaurant to enjoy tasting several Japanese foods and ice-creams. Ohh…hahah…To say the truth, even I find myself as big eater sometimes, I had to tell them please stop order more because I am full will the big dishes of Yuki Soba, Spaghetti, some other food that I could not think up the name, Ochak (tea), and big creamy ice-cream. hahahah…(おいしく手、楽しくて、意朴手、とても憂いしいです)

Next, after chatting for a while for relaxing, it was the time for footing the bill. Hey.. actually, I did not have any right to pay at all, even my own dish that I wanted to pay, because they told me that they paid it already. Lolzz…. After that we went into the museum, and I was so surprise and humorous to see many painting on the walls are about Cambodian heroes, such as Jay Varamann VII ordering workers to build temples, and photos of the Cambodian former kings, and of course Cambodian temples. Moreover, I saw many statues in the glass box and, most amazing at all was the whole temple compound of Angkor Wat temple (Angkor Toch), which looks the same like the current temple in Cambodia. The last thing, made me excited and laughed in mind, is there was a non-stop video play on Cambodian temples touring. Hahaha… of course, this museum is called the Angkor wat temple museum. After that, I started to understand why Many Japanese people know that Angkor Wat temple (beside from the website) is in Cambodia, and that is why whenever I went to Siem Reap I saw many Japanese tourists visiting there.

This is quite long description, for sure, but detail too, right? May be some parts are not so nice coz I am not a professional writer yet. Lolz.. Thus, you can answer the above question, of course! Hahahha…

復近藤ね! 眠い ですから 寝ましょう!


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