My first home-stay visit souvenir in Japan!

It is always in my smile. It is always in my heart.

It is always one of my sweet memories in life!!!

Wherever I go, whatever I do, I always proud of that time!! 😀  😀


My first time visiting a nice semi-suburb town in Japan made me felt absolutely surprise, fun, joy, and fantastic! Firstly, after packing some necessity as commodities in my nice luggage bag, I dressed up a pullover in a quite fashion, but simple-look as Cambodian guy living abroad for the first time in life, then walking to my appointed place at Educational Center for International Students (), where my host family came to get me for the starting of my Home-stay program. Meanwhile, at ECIS therein, many other foreign students also went there waiting for their host families. Nicely, I noticed a Taiwanese friend of mine also approaching, which then we had a brief, but nice chat with her and her friends in Japanese (of course, I started warming up my Japanese, hahahh). Soon after a few minutes my host family phoned me telling that she arriving just wait for a moment (Actually, I did not mind to wait for I was having a nice chat with my nice friends. hah…). Suddenly, my host family arrived with their two children. Wow.. they look so pretty and nice. We took a photograph in front of my awesome and prestigious university (Graduate School of International Development), then traveled through a flash new and quite expensive car to their home. Of course, when we were about to arrive their home, we stop at the HIPPO family office for welcome party (Barbecue) and had a chat to other home stay visitors with a delicious dinner there (one of the nicest food I ate was Yuki Sobak)


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