Time to chat, present, and practice my Japanese!

This a view taken at  the welcome party for the new visitor of home stay program at the Main office of the Hippo Family members.


The pretty woman is Japanese, and the therenext teenage boy is from Russian, Yuki, me, and Yuki’s father. 😀

After a long brief drive about 40 minutes we managed to arrive the HIPPO family office, where other international students also came to have a home visit. There, the BBQ party was held and beside drinking, I could chat and talk with other international students as well as Japanese students. I also taught them Khmer language (simple greeting), and show them some Khmer culture and tourist sites. hdpephoto0007.jpg 

My hard time with my rough Japanese. 😀


With the two Japanese school girls, of grade 10, I could practice Japanese with some English! 😀

 Secondly, as soon as we arrived home, it was around 8 pm, Yuki and Noriaki showed me my nice decorated bedroom then, we just spent a nice time chatting with each other about Cambodian culture and background (of course, I had to speak Japanese, but fortunately, the father could speak some English so that I can include some English phrase when I get stuck with the Japanese word). Instantly, to begin the talk, I gave them some presents I got from
Cambodia, and they opened it with nice surprise saying great to see it. Hahahh, I showed them some postcards about Cambodia too, esp., the glamorous shot of Siem Reap touring sites, mainly the
Angkor wat compound, Angkor Thom, Prasat Bakheng, et cetera. And, besides showing the lovely views from the postcard, I gave them a VCD of Cambodian touring show too, which then we played it and watched together Lolzz… After the nice welcome, it was time to sleep. Saying good night to everyone, I found myself comfortably slept in a nice futon blanket and cool quiet room. Hahahh this made me forgot to dream of anything in that cool Haru night. Lolzz… I have to say thank you so much for them, especially, their warmly welcome (
いらっしゃいませ) to me. Thank you so much Otosan,
Oka san, and especially, Yuki chan and Nriaki. 😀
Thirdly, the second day, I got up seeing a lovely view of sunrise from the mountain ranges, and of course, those mountain ranges are not far away from where I was standing taking smooth breath, absorbing fresh countryside air and smiling. Soon, I heard a noise from the door of my room. Hahh, it was Yuki and Noriaki, asking me to take a stroll viewing the nearby scenary of Tam boo (rice field), bam boo (shoots) plantation, tea field, and mountain ranges… With the photo shot by Oto san, we made many lovely shot with memorial smiles of friendship. I did practice my Japanese a lot, and of course, many times I learn the new words from them. Hahh lolzz… Then, we came back having a nice breakfast with the five of us. Of course, I can say
Oka san was the great cook of all, since I ate her food at Hippo family. :D))


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