My wonderful trip to Shirakawa-go Gassho-zukuri Village (From the departure to the return)

There are lots of fun, surprise and excitement, I had for all the way, both to and return back to my University. The most impression I made was on the way we went to the site, there are lots of wonderful views that I had never ever seen before. The road varied in types, including subway, super highway, channels, tunnel, and all the bridge across the sea. Since
Japan is number 2 for technology in the world, there are very common to see super highways here, especially for the long way from the central city to the country side or the suburban areas. Since, we took bus (2 buses) to the site, I can see as much views as I can which, therefore, I can take some photos of them to be shown here. 😀

In addition to super highway, there are many tunnel and passageway across the mountains, and connecting by large and long concrete bridge from one mountain to another. The most wonderful road I notice is that, they try to maintain the road straight, or not so many turn around, by just building the roads across the sea. I guess, this will make not only me, but also all others visitors who was traveling on those bridges and roads cannot help admiring and smiling to see the mountainside and the sea below when look out of the window of the modern bus. Of course, it is not just simple height that the roads were built to connect from one mountain to another; it is about 800 meter and 900 meters’ height from the mountain sides. Hence, the color of the sea underway also looks so green and makes the viewers being able to feel instantly how cold it is by just seeing it from the surface.

The day we went there was such a fine day, that there had no rain or dark cloud at all. In contrast, we can see the white cloud sky and feel the fresh breath of the countryside which we find it is rarely for us to breathe and smell this kind of mountain breeze since departing from our each lovely home country. Why do I mention that the white cloudy sky is good? You will soon start to comprehend that in such a village that is full of mountain range dense with forest and adjusting decorated view by the channel and the water fall, will look like it is located next to the sky because of the mass of cloud spraying on (not over) the top of those mountains. At first, I naturally started to miss my lovely country since the first time I see these mountain ranges dense with forest, and especially, the cloud on the top of the mountains that looks so cool and green. I miss the time, I, my family, and my siblings altogether when to Kampong Cham, Kampot, Kampong Som, Siem Reap (with tones of unforgettable souvenir) L, and especially to Kampong Thom, where we climbed Sontok mountain altogether, and throwing some coin and money as lucky draw. Since the time have gone by constantly, we all have managed more sophisticatedly and even one of my sisters is now living in USA, I do believe I will visit her once a time, and later on we all will have chance to come to visit Cambodia together again. I cannot keep my mind from thinking of all these things because I frequently saw these images in Cambodia, especially theBokou Mountain (Phnom Bokou Poporkvil), in Kampot province. It is those views of cloud gathering on the mountain top during this visit that make visitors feel even more thoughtful, joyful, and memorable.

In addition, there are some ponds on the mountain which inhabited by school of preserved fish and natural plant therein, namely water lily. It is different from what I expected about those fish since, the fish here always approach to the people expecting people will give them food, not like in
Cambodia that fish usually disappear when seeing people approaching by. Rice field is a lovely view as well, because it is in the time of giving the production. The grain/cereal looks same color as those in our country, except the field itself is not as large as those in our country. However, there seems to have more production, in terms of harvesting during the year because here they can harvest (by machine) at least four or five times a year.

As we arrive at 11 am right there, it is a good time to a walk peeping for nice restaurant to enjoy lunch. We managed to get into a really Japanese style restaurant there, and enjoyed the nice food over there. Then, after relaxing for a couple of minutes chatting, we start to visit various museums, shops, and sites there, enjoying taking photographs and buying some souvenirs things.

The most attractive views from the buildings themselves are unique and with the same style. They are roofed by thick dense thatch-like roof, but it is not really the thatch roof. There are explanation about way to build these buildings and the roofs. It is co-work by many workers and in many steps. Please see the link to find out more regarding to the process of making them.

More photo gallery.

Hearing much is not enough, so I have posted some nice views from the sites here too. Let’s enjoy viewing them. J


In the bus (this is my bus, and I seat in the front so that I can see the tourist guide clearly as well as the nice views through the windows), there are many International students and some Japanese teacher. He is the head teacher, and is giving instruction on what we are going to see soon. Of course, He will let the guide to explain in detail soon. 😀 On the way, to the tourist spot, we stop at every 30 minutes, so that anyone can get some drinks, taking views of various places along the way, as well as getting to the rest room.

This is the fantastic view of the sea stream surrounded by the forest, that make me feel that it is really cold as it is still, and especially, would feel the extreme dept it has, I guess. Finally, after about 2 hours we managed to arrive at the spot. We had to walk across this bridge to get to the tourist central spot. From the brigde, those building would look like the open book standing, as what the tourist guide had mentioned. This is a stream of water flowing under the bridge we passed to the village. The road on the top of the mountain ranges as other visitors drives through to see various places in the village. I feel lucky that I did travel through these ways. 😀  Of course, there is a well-known for the view from the top of the mountain in this area too, as the road look like some figure, you can guess. 😛 Here is the water lily that makes me feel like in Cambodia. It is the first time, since I arrive in Japan that I see them here.  😀

Soon, the school of fish swimming around came gathering showing there pretty color or expecting some food, I guess. However, it is not allowed to spray food here because it is preserved as tourist spot, I guess, since no visitor would  throw food into the water. Also, I am always  alert for the dustbin, whenever I have a bit of trash around, as you can imagine that Japan is very strict with throwing trash. To go a little detail, in Japan we have different days to throw different trash, and we have to separate them into different colors of plastic bag on the specified day with different kinds of trash. I can still remember seeing a few foreign students would get some reinstruction for throwing out trash when they are staying at the dormitory. Fortunately, I have never been noticed in such any case because I feel it is always good to be well-followed the dormitory rule.  We then went to dine our lunch in a restaurant nearby. Some of us would bring food from home because they afraid some kinds of food they don’t eat such as pork etc. because of vegetarian or religion.


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