Cambodia’s Water Festival 2006

Happy Water Festival! Congratualtion from distance..  🙂





Today is the first day of Water Festival in Cambodia this year, 4th November 2006. Realizing that the Water Festival in Cambodia this year is held earliest among others years I have ever heard, which is on the 4th of November, 2006. As usually, there gonna be lots of long-tail boats gathering in the Mekong Basin river (Chaktomuk river), in front of the Royal Palace. People will be so crowed that reminds of the view of people walking with friends, relatives both therein Phnom Penh and the countryside. With the size of roads in Phnom Penh in the area around the Chaktomuk, that is considered large for the travelers, they are still seem narrow that visitors find hardly movement making from one point to another because of the crowd of people mentioned coming to see various exhibitions, concerts, and the events within the whole festival. The first day ends, will start the second day, and then the last day is the third day. Every night, fireworks will be fired from the middle of the Chaktomuk River. How beautiful those fireworks are visible are shown when people go to another side of the Mekong river bank.

Let the author congratulate to the Water Festival in Cambodia this year from distance. Of course, watching Karaoke song of Water Festival last year, would remind the cool view of water festival in Cambodia.

Last impression is that there might have some minor or much insecurity might happen to some visitors, even though the police are trying hard to keep the security stable, if they are not being alert all the time during there visiting to the festival. Therefore, attention of personal commodities, such as mobile phone, bracelets, wallets/purses, etc. … have to be securely placed and careful with all the time. Better not to bring those kinds of things along if you want to go out, mostly, in the evening or at night time during such a big festival. 😀 The read more about Water Festival in Cambodia click here.

To see the various views and some impresssion of visitors during the Water Festival in Cambodia in 2005 click here. Here are some nice views of the Water Festival scenary along the Mekong River. These are the views of the racing boats.

To learn more about Cambodian culture please click here ”Cambodian Culture”.


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