One of my visit in Sakae (The central downtown of Nagoya City)

My visit in Sakae (The central downtown of Nagoya City)

One evening I went to PARCO in Sakae by subway to contact with a company there. The views of the buildings as well the overall scenery, including parks, restaurants, shopping center/supermarkets, etc…. are so captivating that I had to take some photographs to post here.


The view of park and some flowers in the middle part.

The first impression I got surprised is that soon after I walk out of the subway up to the outside way, I noticed there is a restaurant over th road I was walking, and then I see a big park in frond of me. I walk up further I realize that the park is so big that it also last from the back the subway exit and continue to the far endless point I could see. 😀

Also, the impression of mine to the site is that there are very modern business section appear to me with tall modern buildings, and there is no guard at all. The front of those shops are very clean, that there is no even a single trash nearby. All the operating systems in front of and inside those shops are automated and equipped with high tech equipments. In here, it is common to enter any buildings, without touching the door or seeing anyone waiting to open to door for. The doors are automatically open when people approach. Hence, video camera a equipped every corner of the buildings.

Another thing interesting is that there appear a nice large park with surrounded woods and wildlife birds playing by. This mainly, equipped with many bench for visitors to sit and especially clear space for wind to blow. People usually have romantic chat there, as well as some do exercise there.


The water polling, near the center part of the park. It is interesting that when people approach it start to poll strongly and last for a long time. 😀


This is one of the east exit of the subway, that I just walk out and start to see the restaurant on the roof of it. 😀


The road under across the park, I was stading on the bridge accross this road so that I can shot this picture.


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