Memroy photo under Sakura Blossom


The people in this photo are some of the international students coming to Japan on the same date as me, and are from various countries, including Australia, America, Korea, Ethopia, etc… Some are pursueing Ph.D course. You can notice me standing there too, I guess. 😀


Just browsing in my photo folders, I notice this lovely shot under the Sakura tree. It provides me with thousands of unforgettable feelings and keepsakes. Most pensively, I took it just on the second day I arrived in Japan on the way back to my dormitory from joining a welcome party at YWCA, near the center of Nagoya city. Of course, this memorial photo was taken with a group of other international students as I mentioned above. They are from America, Australia, Korea, Pakistan, Ethiopia, German, and me from Cambodia. Let you see their faces and judge who should be from where among these countries. 😀  To keep as souvenir, I also have some other photos during the party at the YWCA. The most insightful feeling I still feel up to now, and will last forever, is that I took it under this beautiful flower for my first time that I saw it in real. It really beautiful I people say, and it was what I used to hear many times, and just saw it through photo many times long before I have chance to come to Japan. Oh what a surprise and excited I had felt, and what a fortunate chance I get. I just cannot stand trying to do my best for completing more duties that people who gives me trust, encouragement, love and care, fame, and this chance to make them feel satisfied with what they have been always giving hopes in me. I can still always remember how many people who have been contributing their, trust, spirits and persistent encouragement to help me and to let me find the light of my deserving bright future as always. I have determined all my might to get what I set in my objectives and my ambitious goals. 😀

Thank you so much to all my family members, my professors, my students, and all intellectuals in Cambodia who have always been supporting me. This deeds keep alerting and encouraging me forever, I believe. 😀


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