My Shopping day at a weekend!

My Shopping day at a weekend!


Just to prepare for the Autumn and the coming Winter I and my friend, managed to buy some new clothes downtown, as well as to see whether there have nice discount available to enjoy for shopping. It was great day that we went to see various shops, especially, clothing shop with variety of fashion available. Just around several minutes we approach the destination sites, seeing lots of people, especially, young people walking hand in hands, some with their friends, playing, laughing, and talking as they walk around those highly commercialized areas. I enjoy seeing the new interesting modern culture of rich in fashion, and feel so much amazed to see such views and highly modernized scenery. After walking around for a while we manage to enter one popular shop called ‘GAP’, and see different styles of up to date clothes. The shop is quite big that consisted of several floors. Of course, the price is so expensive in comparison to our country, especially the fully popular one. I could not help my feeling surprise to see those tagged price, which some even $USD 400 or 500 just for one jeans. 😀 In addition, many type of coats and Jackets too that look so expensive. Fortunately, I manage to find some that are with reasonable price, as well as some with the good discount one. We, could buy some from those discount one and of course the style is so cool. 😀


Next, we went to another famous clothing shop called Zara. Of course, this shop is even more expensive than the previous one because all the items there are imported from Europe, as well as Western, including those from Italy and German. I and my friend, just enjoy seeing the fashion, and seeing some customers buying and trying with their partners. I wanted to buy there too, but not only the price that I did not like to buy, the style also, because I somehow like to cool fashion similar to cool Asian popular styles. We also hang around to see various shops and restaurants, concerts, and park, which I managed to take some cool photo as souvenir too. 😀 On the way back to our each other home, we also did some shopping for daily cooking stuff, and commodities, especially we went to a Thai market (a small shop) to buy some soy source, chilly, and other ingredient source for my cooking. 😀 Of course, I usually do some nice cooking for myself, even though I sometimes eat out when I find in busy time.

Let enjoy some cool pictures I have posted here. 😀


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