Small dinner garthering of my colleagues and friends this Sunday


At Irinaka subway station (near my apartment)

We miss one of my senior students here (brother Phalty, who took this photo for us). Thanks brother. 😀

Wow… I am absolutely feel pleased to have such a great time having dinner with all my colleagues from Cambodia. Of course, they are all like my brother because not only the age, but also their experience working the governemntal institution, they are my senior too. This Sunday, after caming to join the extra curricular activity as sport event the Nagoya Symposium, they all came to visit us at our apartment and manage to have a nice food with some our Khmer stuff brought from Cambodia, esp Paoaok. haha It has been such long since I left Cambodia to Japan that I have never tasted it at all. Hence, this evening among my senior colleagues, there also has a lady who was at all the target for cooking nice food for us. Actually, they all are studying quite far away from my university called Aichi University of Education (愛知教育大学), which took around 1 hour and a half by subway, train, and bus, if I am not forgetting went I last visit them a few times ago.

By the time of cooking, and preparing food, I took a while to go shopping for some soft drinks, cake and Sasami too, in a pretty big super market next to my apartment way.  During the cooking time, we all had nice chat together, and mocking at one another simply, just for man to chop the vegetable, and so forth. Then, time to have dinner, and we all start praising the nice food on the dishes, and tasting it nicely. 😀  Of course, it was such a nice dinner that we had to bring more rice from each room to total up to 3 rice store. hahaha sound quite a big dinner, right?

After the dinner, time to pass on joke one by one. The jokes made me laughed to tears and everyone also laugh, and laugh, and laugh. There are a few people who are expert in telling those jokes including, brothers Sovanna, Heng, and Sophea. hahah I just cannot help laughing with every joke I heard, and I did try to save those joke too, so that next time I will have chance to show off the jokes… 😀  hahaha  Of course, I did told a joke too, and it was about a bad student.

Guess what? It also funny somehow… just about a little pupil and a teacher in the class asked a question. He felt very glad to be the only pupil in the class to be able to answer the teacher’s question. After caming back from class, the boy came to meet his father. He felt very happy when he saw his father and started to boast to his father about that.

The boy said:

”Dad, today my teacher asked a question, and no one could answer it at all. Only me who raised the hand and answered bravely.”

Then the father said, ”Aer, this is deserved to be my son.” He then asked, ”What was the question?”

The boy said, the teacher just asked, ”Who got the zero mark?” then only him can answer.  😀  )))

 Sound funny, right?

We all took some photos as nice souvenir for their precious visit to us. 

After have a great dinner tegether they all went back to the subway to get back to there apartment. So, I and one of my friends here (Bong Phalty) went to see them off till the subway station. It was such a great souvenir we had for today. 😀


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