Asuke Village and Korankei (Japanese famous tourist spot during Autumn)


Asuke Village

There are accomodation facilities where you can have a valuable experience of rural life in the beautiful retreat. When you enter each facility called by names taken from outdated Japanese names such as ”Achibei” or ”Jisaku,” you will find a hearth in the center of the room. There you may sit around the fire, and enjoy a barbecue. At the main facility, ”Omoya,” old-fashioned Japanese bath is ready for its wonderful thatched roof. In the morning, birds’ singing will wake you up in the refreshing mountain air. We are sure you may time-trip in Asuke Village.

Not only a Place for Just Visiting, but also for Creating Unique Culture in This Area.

Sanshu Asuke Yashiki was opended in 1980. Here you can observe and experience traditional manual works of charcoal making, weaving, papaer making, wooden base making, blacksmith, bamboo handicraft, umbrella making and others. In 1998, Koujin-Kan was opened to introduce splendid manual works succeeded in other manual works. Sanshu Asuke Yashiki will remind you of the merits of the vanishing rural life and manual works.


It’s a Japanese restaurant serving Tofu, one of Japanese food. Kunpu-Tei’s Tofu is made following the traditional process. ”Kumi-Tofu” is specially recommended because it is served while it’s hot. You can relish the meal while you enjoy the beautiful sight and the murmuring of the Tomoe River.

Experience Course

You may enjoy the experience of weaving, dyeing, and making straw sandals, bamboo toys, and Japanese paper. All these courses shall be reserved beforehand.


Wonderful thatched roof, a hearth cut in the middle of the floor, and smoke-stained large beams because the hearth was used for heating and cooking, are notable charateristics of a traditional Japanese country house. Since most of these houses had been broken, many Japanese people feel nostalgic toward them. Visitors of Hyakunenso enjoy shopping at ”ZiZi Factory,” a kitchen for processing ham and sausage and ”Barbara House” and they can taste the fresh ham and bread at a French restaurant ”Kaede” and even stay at a hotel, ”Hyakunensou” which has a hot spring bath. Hyakunensou is a dual-purpose facility. It is a welfare center of Asuke town as well as a visiting spot for tourist and local residents.The best of Korankei is the scarlet maple leaves in autumn. As it is said to be the No.1 place to see colored maple leaves in the Tokai region, it is really outstanding to see 4,000 maple trees that are painted with yellow and red colors. The best time to see them would be in the middle through to the end of November. They are lit up in the evenings throughout November from the sunset to 9:00 p.m. You may enjoy a fantastic scene that is different from the daytime.


coran0.jpg c-momiji.jpg20061125.jpg Korankei is an Impressive Scenic Spot.

It’s Work of Predecessors who Changed a Restreated Mountain Viilage into an Outstanding Sightseeing Spot.

Korankei is one of the most beautiful places in Asuke Town. It attractes many people with its splendid sights all the year round. Especially the scenery of tinted autumnal leaves of 4000 maple trees in beyond descripton. About 370 years ago, a Buddhist priest, San-ei, began to plant one carefully reciting a Buddhist sutra in the hope of peace and tranquility of the society. About a hundred years ago, in the Taisho period, local residents began to plant maple and cherry trees following the priest. The beautiful spot noted for its autumn-tinted leaves is the result of ancients’ long years of efforts.


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