My visit to Asuke Village and Korankei this Autumn



On one weekend, I and my Khmer friends here were invited to take a tour with a Khmer family living in Japan here, brother Som On, during this Autumn to view the beautiful color of leaves. On that Sunday, as I was in my room just preparing to find something for making my lunch, I suddenly heard a knock on my room-door by one of my friend here telling me that they all want me to go to visit Korankei right at that time. Actually, we all did not know in advance about that plan, but on that day the brother took his car, together with his wife and a lovely 3-year-old boy, to our apartment, and ask us to see the nice view for day.

 Of course, I decided to put on my clothes, and took my camera to leave for the trip right on that day. The drive of 9 people in the car, which took 2 hours to arrive the destination of Korankei, Asuke, had lots of fun and chat all the way there. Some of use, made jokes, while some sang a poem, and sharing various interesting topic. 😀

Hence, on the way to the spot, there are lovely views of modern highways, as well as, lots of forest and interesting mountain views. Of course, we notice some trees are showing off their chaning color-leaves. Then, we all managed to arrive at the target with ease.

As the day was Sunday, the place gathered lots of people mainly, family and children, yet some old people too. We manage to have lunch there. Of course, the lunch was not as simple as we used to eat in our usual Japanese food in the city or in the restaurant around our residence, but was a new set of food we eat with deliciouscy and pleasure. Guess what? The Japanese noodle-sup (similiar to Kuy Teav in PP) with wild pig meat. Hence there is a special grilled-fish which cost nearly $US 5 containing only 1 foot-toe size fish. 😀 Why it is special ? As you can see in the photo, the fish was grill neatly, and the salt mapped to only the tail of the fish, which then they grilled it up tail down. And we just wait for an instant grilled fish for us. It is the first time I see people grill fish like this style, and of course the taste is really nice.

We also taste some other famous food for the site too. Then, the trip continued by the nice walk along the mountain of the site after the lunch, taking photos and seeing nice views. After the trip we feel very relaxing and happy to come back to our each apartment with nice memorable sourvenir from the trip. 😀

To see more photos about Asuke and Korankei view go to: Korankei view; Korankei Photo; View of Korankei bridge; slide view of Korankei; Asuke photo gallery.






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