Excellent temples tour in Cambodia!!!





It makes me thinking up some of the sweet souvenir when I was in Cambodia. During my first visit to Siem Reap for nearly 1 week, I had a really fabulous chance seeing variety of tamples in Siem Reap, from the way of Phnom Penh across Kompong Thom and then Siem Reap. I was absolutely in great excited and in feeling of glamorous visit which my nice chance came to me during that time. 😀

One of the most wonderful time for me was that, when I went to visit those temples, it was a well-planned touring program with the prepartion of managing board of my working place. The touring program is provided to newly graduated high school level teachers in NIE, having just complete there training course and preapring to head to theie working in place in various assinged location among high schools in whole-coutry margin of Cambodia. The program, provided as main spoonser by the Cambodian Prime minister Hun Sen, aiming to help Cambodian teachers (mainly newly become teacher) to explore and learn how wonderful Cambodia is, how fantastic the culture is, especially the Angkor Wat Temple and other hundreds of temples in Siem Reap as well as in Kompong Thom.  So that, the newly teacher can see the real beauty of Cambodian culture and priceless temples heritage, and be opened to spread out the great and awesome pride of Cambodian ancestors’s heritage left to these generation youngsters to admire and be proud of.

Also, among the teachers, there also presence of teacher trainers too, to share joice and happiness with the newly graduted teachers. And of course, I was one of them that had such really wonderful, and more than word can express of joy and hapiness time during the visit.

I went to see many temples and resorts along the way from Kompong Thom, up to Siemp Reap. We learn how to take tour from long period (about 1 week) and how to feel with such an superb amout of companion of around 400 people during the visit. The row of the bus in line lasting around 12 big size bus still rock my heart and feeling to great joy which I find no word to describe so fare. 😀

I’ve learnt how to see great figure of people joing in the meal time. Oh… how happy such time was… How hundreds of people getting to guest house and hotels… How young man and women feel when they experience the real romantic times at Angkor Wat, Bantey Srey, Bantey Samre, Bayon, Neak Pean, Prer roup temples, Ta prum temple, Pimen Akas temple, Cultural village,….etc in Siem Reap…. so many to describe at once, and especially the Sambo Prey Kok temple in Kampong Thom.

We all had a nice meeting in the eveing and night time, we chat, we took photo, some danced in a party, and had many activites such as, touring in Siem Reap cinema, shopping, and viewing various resorts and natural scenary…etc.

After the tour, we all feel so deep in excellent memorial time. I really, feel how such great time could happend and could make me feel so fabulous and leave behind with thousands of smiles and friendships and peaces, and loves all over the heartful of sweet memory and souvernir. I still remember and always smile to see this event in my memory, and wanting to see those people again and again to share more smiles, friendships, care, peaces, and love.. etc. I after that, also have more time to vist in Siem Reap, both with another generation, and my family… And of course, the smell of the fresh nature there, the smell of friendly tourists, the  smell of fresh air at those temples, and everything there still make me and other visitors feel so joyful, proud, relaxing, sweet-events-saving, and sourvenir-building everytime we visit there. Oh how perfect event, and absolutely wonderful tours and sourvenir we all had made… 😀

I miss you all, and be always friends with you all, and love you all always…!!! 🙂

Hope to have chance to meet you (I mentioned) in the future!!!… 😀



















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