My tour during this Cristmas season



Many couples are viewing the illuminating lights in the central city og Nagoya city and watching the great firework show. I got quite suprised to see that in here, all youngsters are not going without any acquaintance partners at all. Almost 100 percent bith young and middle-aged adult are in couples.

The firework show took nearly and hour, with fantastic view and color showing to the much crowded spectators along the beach of the sea. After the fireworks show we tour around the spot viewing various illuminating lights, and enjoy taking photos. We view shops, playing ground in the big park, and sites.  There were such crowd of people during the restaurant waiting line. Many ques are taken up, and various international dishes are served. It was very cold anyway, but it make the time even more wonderful, and fantastic because it made the occasion filled with sense of Autum and Christmas season. Moreover, the young couples find great joy from the cold weather that they have to walk hand in hand or arms in arms, even shoulders in shoulders… I can feel that during that night, after the viewing of the sites, the train was so crowded and the security police was trying to mange the trian line orderly and the travelor comfortably. Talking about the security of that day in the main celebrating sites, there were such enough small number of security polices ordering the general affair, who could made the celebration ends with harmony, and joyful. The best thing I noticed was that not even a singe rubbish left at all, because all the people are strict with consciousness of throwing rubbish and fame of their nation. 


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