Samdech Hun Sen still backs on proceed of the FCP petition

The prime minister of Cambodia, Samdech Hun Sen, stated in his first speech during the opening minster of cabinet speech for 2007 that he still supports the proceed of FCP on their petition to Cambodian court against prince Norodom Ranarith.

The prime minister of Cambodia, Samdech Hun Sen, announced a clarification on the situation of dispute between the FCP leaders, Nhek bunchhay, Ly Laysreng, and Keo Puthraksey, and the former Head of FCP, Prince Norodom Ranarith, that there is a rummor regarding to the negotiation leading to a cancelation of the petition from the Cambodian court.

”What he wanted was a sound negotiation between the plantiff and the defendant, which can lead to the calm social stability resulting the the successful election in the soon future” stated the priminister Hun Sen.

According to the newspaper, Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen states ”Let those who are sick-brained or shit-for-brain youngsters do not confuse with the rumor and take the chance to use it for empowering their purpose or to break off the relationship between CPP and FCP”

Currently, Prince Norodom Ranarith is still being accused by the FCP regarding to the issues of ‘trust abuse’ and ‘FCP head quarter sale’.


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