Three main strategic thrusts: (a) developing and promoting universal principles and norms based on shared values; (b) promoting pluralism through recognition and safeguarding of diversity, ; and (c) promoting empowerment and participation in the emerging knowledge society

There are three objectives with regards to education:

Promote education as a fundamental right in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

– Build partnerships for Education For All (EFA)

– Support policy reform in favour of EFA
– Advance the right to–emphasis on girls

– Empower the poor and reach the un-reached through education

Improve the quality of education through the diversification of contents and methods and the promotion of universally shared values

– Promote universally shared values
– Improve and diversify the contents and methods
– Promote science and technology
– Develop effective strategies

Promote experimentation, innovation and the diffusion and sharing of information and best practice, as well as policy dialogue in education

– Identify new trends of educational development and promoting policy dialogue
– Renew education systems
– Harness of ICTs for education

Programing Area: EFA and MDGs


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