Cofinancing – Cambodia (ADB)

Loans:  7 loan projects, cofinancing of US$105.19 million
   Official:  3 loan projects, cofinancing of US$64 million
   Grants:  5 loan projects, cofinancing of US$41.19 million
Technical Assistance:  20 technical assistance projects, cofinancing
 of US$9.63 million

Loan projects cofinanced for Cambodia,
1 January 2001 – 31 December 2005
Project ADB Loan
Type of
Tonle Sap Sustainable Livelihoods 15.00b 4.74  G
Greater Mekong Subregion Power Transmission 44.30 27.00  O
Northwest Irrigation Sector 18.00 3.74  G
Commune Council Development 10.00 5.97  G
GMS: Cambodia Road Improvement 50.00 10.00  O
Health Sector Support 20.00 49.20  G / O
Tonle Sap Environmental Management 10.91 4.54  G
a  G = grant cofinancing, O = official cofinancing.
b  Financed with a $15 million grant from the Asian Development Fund.

Source: ADB (retrieved: 30/01/2007)


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