My visit in Phnom Penh so far

My visit in Phnom Penh so far

My visit in Phnom Penh so far magnify

Hello my beloved friends,

It has been quite a brief of time that I haven’t been in touch of writing and posting new update from me. The reason seems to be so simple that even you could understand why it is so if I tell you in advance that I am now have been visiting my home country and being in touch with lots of tuff schedule of mine. It is really relaxing and exciting in many ways to see my home country again after being away for quite long time, nearly full 1 whole year.

Firstly, soon after I arrived at the Phnom Penh International Airport I was too delighted to see lots of my family and relative came to pick me up from the airport to my home. There were moment of mix feeling that is memerable to describe and to long to remember for my in the whole life. Plus, the first travel in Phnom Penh to my home made me full of excitement to see both new views and some still remaining views along the road that I used to travel everyday to my university.

Secondly, soon the next day after I visit my targeted distinguished people and respected people for some souvenir delivery, I had a great chance to visit Siem Reap for the mass size trip for 4 days and 3 nights. The trip was the one What was so extra ordinary I could hardly describe in enough aspects of exictement and joy of the trip was that it was a second time that I had that kind of trip to Siem Reap again. This time the number of companions to the trip with are total up to 700 people, which surprised along the way to Siem Reap with the que of 14 long size buses to the destination. No need to say, this kind of trip is usually happened only once of a person’s life. The joyment of the trip composed not only of the great views at the temples, but also Karaoke singing along the way, making jokes, and even dancing at the destination, which I considered as the best and most wonderful trip for me and all the companions. Those most wonderful events and souvernir were captured and made lasting keepsake through uncountable sweet memorable activities in digital cameras and video cameras.

Thirdly, I had a useful chance of collecting some important data as part of my research too, through interviewing school principals there. In addition, I had a great relax there for the fresh air and romantic natural view at the Baray, Pry Proh lake, and along the way go to and back to Phnom Penh.

Forthly, I have been visiting interesting resorts and else around Phnom Penh with my friends and family, which made my visit in Phnom Penh so far stay as a great keepsake for me eternally.

Finally, I havebeen involving more and more in the activity of workshop conducted in NIE by the TAB group from the USA for nearly a week, which just finish today. This made me have chance to communicate more professor from the states as well as building up more social network for me among friends, colleagues, etc.

Last but not least, I want to let you all who have been in touched often with me here, that now I am still in Phnom Penh, and will have to complete more works and make more great souvenir until the time that I have to go back to overcome all hardship to pursue my successful learning life in Japan.

Therefore, overally, please keep track the hear more update from me soon later. 😉



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