The spring in my city starts to show off the nicest first Sakura blooming again

The spring now starts to show off the beauty of the colorful flower in various places. As the time for flower viewing, call Hanami, is soon approaching, Sakura flower is always the most beautiful one in Japan. The flower is so special in different ways for Japanese people, leading to various romantic and cool songs attached to the memory of love and souvenir under Sakura flower trees, especially during the spring season. The view of the flower also rocks my heart to everlasting meaningful souvenir that I have with the view since the first time that I arrived Japan, especially, when I saw Sakura blooming so beautifully. To its great charm, Sakura has a few different colors, which consists of pink, pink-red, white-pink, and white. When the flower starts to bloom, the trees appeal with the wonderful excited view to the viewers, especially, the big clusters of whole tree flower, that no leaves to see besides the all-side flower. Don’t you thing it is such great to see the flowers on the big trees without any leaves at all, and lasting for about two weeks? In addition, there are thousands of such Sakura trees, growing in all the corners and along the side of streets in the cities here, which looks so excited to see such cloud of flowers. Thus, Japanese cities charm countless visitors to view during spring here. Since there are lots of Sakura trees in rows and in all the site of parts of my cities here, people can enjoy and feel the wonderful time during Hanami (flower viewing season). Also, the most famous place for touring and viewing flower is in Kyoto, which is the oldest city, in terms of culture, architecture, and resorts, especially, flowers in both spring and autumn, where there are lasting fames for tourists to visit, in which as a site in my schedule whole-year diary for my visit soon. Here are some of the first Sakura blooming in my city. Let enjoys viewing them from some photos here! 🙂


White sakura at the gate of my International Residence where I stayed.


Sakura at the corner of my University gate.









The view of the flower along the way near my apartment.



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