Group leader view reflected from the OFW 2007 experience

Group leader view reflected from the OFW 2007 experience 

December 01, 2007 

For human right security, human capital development, and economic development, education is crucial to buildup human intellectual with critical thought, skilled labor, and innovative think tank for the country. Plus, alleviating poverty and disparity to response globalization and regional integration trend, and economic transaction, education for all (EFA) is vital. Education reform and decentralization have been implemented and policies are made to tackle educational disparity and inequality within the nation. Since, our overseas fieldwork was conducted in Cambodia, one of the stabilized developing countries to date, we target to promote education’s enrollment and parity at school level. Our pre-research sector analysis provide us picture of bottleneck in lower secondary school level lead us to dig out for perceptions among various stakeholders towards schooling in this level. Gaps among their perception and complex root cause of their rational were mainly focused.  

We found that dilemma among parents and children towards schooling, leading from several root causes, as well as the gaps among various actors, and within the actor still exist. Complexity of related root cause leading to decision on schooling was revealed. It is beyond our thought before the fieldwork for such interesting result, that we came up with additional conceptual framework to explain analysis and conclusion. Without data from fieldwork, these essences could not be revealed, as the scarcity existence of related literature says. Through PRA method, our group utilized semi-structure interview and was transitionally split into sub groups to interview at various village parts. This supply use satisfied result.  

Personally, conducting such fieldwork in my country made me feel mostly like domestic fieldwork and lead me to see high advantage to join such opportunity. Contexts and language advantage made me smoothly cooperated with the target local authorities and stakeholders. Plus, opinions on flexibility, opportunity analysis were advanced through systematic group meeting during the fieldwork. Mutual trust, patience, individual’s value, and benefit sharing are crucial to make effective teamwork. I think this experience is vital since it equips students starting to become good independent or team researcher(s) in the future, no matter in what set of research. Hence, sweet memory lasts and looks like recent. To me, learning more from the teamwork, friendship become more strengthen, the image of the field, and the time we spent is a keepsake. 

Finally, we deeply appreciate the professors and students from Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) counterpart for their great assistance, Dr. YUTO Kitamura, our group advisor, for his crucial advice and facilitation, and Mr. Shunsuke Kambayashi, our assistant. Without their cooperation and assistance, our research could not be done successfully.IM Keun (group leader) 

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