Oversea Field Work 2007 in Cambodia Part 3

Naturally, Field reseearch require several step for researchers to follow in order to make the research objectives well achieved. From theoretical document, field work is more difficult than other research because it is more qualitative based and the researchers are to find out actually situation and issues happening in the field. Thus, hypothesis is not valid to be sticked to follow. Our team had a really hard discussion and group meeting which demands us vast amount of time for this. We discuss in group meeting to analyse the situation from the existing data related to the field through our sectur analysis. Indentifying the issues happing in the province and village, we compare with the literature review and develop our own research interest as a whole group. This is why we discuss and debated a lot. Positively, apart from spending vast of our time, we learn how to work in team and group, which without such experience we would never been know how it would be. Our well-prepared research framework, enables us to find benefits in the the actual implememtation of Field Work.

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