Oversea Field Work 2007 in Cambodia

The third time of Oversea Field Work (OFW) 2007 has been conducted in Cambodia with fruitful experience and keepsake. Participants in the program are exposed with hand on experience of doing research in the field work and working in team. Hence, working with all international students from different countries in Asia, Europe and Western countries, participants learn the taste of sharing various culture, way of expressing attitude, way of life, way of communicating, etc. From the time we share, our objectives have been developed and achieved. Understanding and experiencing working in teams allow participants learn how to have successful team work and field research from accross teams and within the team. As a program from GSID, Nagoya University, OFW has been recognized worldwide both academic institutions and major international civil society agencies.  In addition to reading the publication of the reports from each group work, International agencies are closely expecting to hear the result and description from the participant’s achievement and experience. It is an art of sharing from both academic experience and social life experience. Hence, memorable good souvenir across international student during the youthful researching life is unforgetable.

It is as what saying “hearing 100 time is not as seeing once, seeing 100 times is not as touching it onces, and touching 100 times is not as doing it once.”

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