Keun Domestic Field Work in Japan (December 2007)

Recently I just received a nice news from my good friend about the result of my group research in the ‘Domestic Field Work’ program in Nagano Prefecture of Japan that we did few months ago. Fromt he begining of the group work, me and my friend as group leaders, we talked quite alot about how we could make the great result for our group work. And we could learn alot from the experience. It was one of the best results and we feel glad to hear that.

Actually during the field work, we enjoy alot with other international students, including Japanese students since on the way to the field work until the way be get back to Nagoya University. Most interesting souvenir of all, we were assigned to stay in the Japanese family home whom consider as another of our host families in Japan at night. I and some of my friends was assigned to stay in the Japanese family home who is a well-off businessman in the village. In the evening, we ate nice Japanese food with the family, and went to visit some Japanese traditional dancing show near by. Hence, when we came back to the home we had a mini party with the host family. And one of my friends, who is very talkative and smart, initiate a dancing party that provoke all the members in the family to join dancing his country and Cambodia songs. Finally, after the the nice slept in the night, we went for a walk with the house owner as he walk his dog in the early morning, called went for ‘shampo’. The cool view of the autumn tress, the valley of mountains, and fresh air from the mountain as we stood on it and took some photos was so nice. It was a very memorable fun and one of the nicest souvenir we had.  🙂


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