My Professor’s visit in Nagoya

June 5, 2008 is another historical great souvenir with me. I was so glad to have chance meeting my professor from Cambodia. It was my great time and souvenir to have chance meeting him in Nagoya last week. I was so surprise and pleased to hear about his visit. During the lunch I Listen to his experience, I feel amazed and even make me feel always proud of him. It was double nice that I could learn more advise from him during time I talked with him on the bus.

Even the time of his visit in Nagoya was not much, we manage to make best use of it. We have been to the former residents where he and his family stay with wonderful souvenir that I can feel. It was my best time sight seeing with him and I start to realize more how great he is, especially for his family. Even me I also feel so lucky to have known him.


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