Happy New Year 2009!!!

As joyful time for the recess in preparation for new year 2009, many excting movement and events i have been engaged in: shooping, visitting downtown with friends, party and trips with international friends, especially my first time to do countdown welcoming the great new year at the Japanese shrine.
The events and movements I have spent during which, mark more exciting souvenir in preparation for the great new year to me…

Besides, feeling excited to get free MISO-Soup with other people at the shrine (during the countdown night), the trip I went on the next day: Nara and Kyoto (seeing early snow there for the winter season this year) was a wonderfully memorable as keepsake… I really appreciate for my very good friends and people I have shared my joy with..

Also, I never forget (even a single day) in appreciating my colleagues at NIE who asked me to explore the city (since the transportation opened for 24 hours), on my way after I returned back from the Shrine with my friends. Finally, I could manage to welcome them and we spent nearly for 2 hours exploring some sites in the city (downtown), and I needed to say goodbye since I have accepted to plan for my trip to Nara and Kyoto the next few hours in that day. I also wanted to spend more time with my colleagues (they are my senior colleagues but we are actually close friends), and thus, glad to meet them on that day and hope great luck bring to us all for the whole year!!

Finally, there are many people joining the trip during which, but I briefly show some people in the pictures. Through the trip: seeing and walking in the snow, tasting various foods, visiting famous sites there, the time trickle sweet memory and close friendship with those who joint the trip.

It is true that the trip is great and excited, but overall, the time was so wonderful because of the true friendship we build during and from the trip, which last on and on…

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