Addressing the problem of the world’s poverty

Topic: It is often thought that the best means of addressing the problem of world poverty is to increase the amount of financial aid given to developing countries. To what extent do you agree with this point of view?


People have different beliefs on strategies to solve the problems of poor nations. While it is widely understood that monetary resource is the main factor, I think there are alternatives that are deemed far more important. In the following paragraphs, I will list the reasons of how aids in finance are useful and propose that human resources and technical assistances, at the same time, play their roles in dealing the issues in developing states.

From one perspective, poor countries need money to deal with their immediate needs. To illustrate, infrastructures and the mechanism for basic need services are in great shortages in these nations. Therefore, the supports for building roads, bridges, electricity, and running water systems will highly impact on the improvement to their citizens’ well-being as a whole.

From another view, they do require capable human resources in place in order that their economies can grow sustainably. In my opinion, I believe that skill labors are the keys for these emerging states to strengthen and expand the investments. In addition, I think that the supports for expertise to lead and manage each firms to grow towards sustainable conditions, especially from the start-up stage are equally important. For instance, qualified factories leaders and managers are more likely to impact skills spill-over on their employee and line managers.

On balance, I firmly support the belief that monetary grant, human capital, and technical assistant are necessary to be working simultaneously so that the nations can embark on development towards a wide scale and sustain for higher growth.

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